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The Four Catergories of Card

A new application for a Yellow card for CMPE members £75
A new application for a Gold card for CMPE members, holding a current NVQ certificate £75
A renewal for both Yellow and Gold cards for CMPE Members is £70
A renewal application for a Yellow card for non CMPE members £95
New application for a Gold Card for non CMPE members, holding an NVQ certificate £95

All Gold card holders must have a valid Level two NVQ certificate.

Criteria for Application

You will require a current Health and Safety awareness certificate NOT more than six months old.

The costs of getting a Health and Safety certificate will be proved by your local trainer.

You will need to be assessed in all categories that your card will cover, to comply with CDM regulations.

How To Renew Your Card

You will need a current health and Safety awareness certificate, which is NOT more than six months old.

You will have a fully completed log book showing five years’ experience on the categories you wish to be awarded.

If you have NOT got a completed log book, you will have to be reassessed in all the categories you wish to claim.


All Gold Cards are issued against a copy of the applicant’s completion of a Level 2 Plant Operator NVQ.

Not against any other NVQ for alternative types of employment.

Comprehensive cover of your Health & Safety Needs, Consultancy Requirements, Plant Assessments and New Operator Training.

You have access to our network of Qualified Plant Trainers.

If you need any help please contact us.


CMPE operates across England, Scotland & Wales. We offer the experience of our members to help develop and improve safety standards within the construction industry.


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