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The CMPE Certificate of Competence (COC) was introduced in 1983 to promote the safer use of plant and is the only independent and traceable system which acknowledges the operators’ ability and experience. The introduction of the CDM Regulations placed duties upon the clients, designers and contractors which have highlighted the importance of competence. Site agents and Managers now demand proof of competence before allowing any activity to commence on site. A Plant operator with a CMPE COC and a current Safety Awareness Certificate give confidence on site that every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that the work they are being employed to do will be carried out SAFELY.

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Is it time to renew your CoC?

If it has come time to renew your Certificate of Competence. You will need a new application form. You will also need to supply two new passport size photos, with your name printed, and your personal signature on the reverse of each photo. A photocopy of your current Health & Safety certificate. If you have one of the CSCS red cards it will not be accepted until you have completed the NVQ health & Safety green or blue card. The fee is £95 to renew or for new applications. Unless you belong to a Company who is a registered member of the association, then the rate is £70 to renew and £75 for a new Application. A change in the 2015 CDM regulations, now requires that at every stage of a card renewal an assessment is carried out on all items applied for, or a fully completed Log Book. If you require refresher assessments this can be carried out by one of our trainers, a list of which can be found on the CMPE website. If it is easier for you a full and comprehensive Assessment for new applicants can be carried out on site . You can return your application to David Holden, CMPE National Registrar, DWH Site Personnel Ltd. 6 Poplar Drive, Longridge, Preston, PR3 3HS, with a cheque or credit/debit card details. Cheques payable CMPE. Please note: – member rates are for Branch Members only. All other applications are at the non-member rate £95. Being a cardholder does not mean membership.
Thank You. David Holden(National Registrar).

What is covered by the CoC?

Under the Health and Safety at work Act 1974 (HASWA 1974), it is the responsibility of all employers to ensure that their plant operators are trained. Under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER 1998) it is the responsibility of the employers to ensure that their plant operators are competent.

Unlike many other card schemes, the CMPE CoC is run for the benefit of the plant operator, financial gain is very low on its list of priorities! The scheme is run by a sub committee of the CMPE National Council with a National Registrar, acting as the sub-committee’s chairperson. There are a number of reasons for joining the CMPE CoC scheme, even though there are no mandatory card schemes in the UK or Europe, the CMPE CoC will ensure that you comply with your legal obligations under European Law. CMPE has always recognised that a highly skilled and competent plant operator will perform operational duties and responsibilities efficiently, effectively and safely. In recognition that general industry needs operators who could formally prove competence, the association introduces the Certificate of Competence (CoC) which is widely acknowledged as being one of the best certification schemes within the UK.

CoC Announcement 25/02/16

CoC Announcement 25/02/16 Members and Operators, as of the first day of January 2016, we have implemented a course of action to comply with CDM 2015.

We now require assessments on plant categories, both for new applications and refresher assessments on all renewals, only if you have a fully completed log book for the previous five years detailing all items of plant operated, coinciding with the categories on card which can be accepted as proof of competency meeting the CDM requirements. This will prevent the operator from having to undergo refresher assessment. Note: – in the case that the log book does not cover all categories to keep those on your card you will have to an have assessment for those categories missing in log book, or lose them.

All Trainers and Registrars have been issued with standard assessment criteria information, for both client and trainer to complete and sign which is to accompany all applications. Also, they have been supplied with a set of templates of assessment sheets to be copied. Completed and signed for by both trainer and client on completion of assessment. These copies must be kept by the trainer for a period of fifteen years. If the trainer no longer wishes to contract their services to the association, then he or she must send all documents to the National Registrar for safe keeping in case of a Health & Safety investigation.

I have sent to all Trainers and Branch Registrars a simple guide for checking applications prior to sending to the National Registrar. It was also agreed by the CoC committee in 2012, by a unanimous vote to restrict all application categories to a maximum number of 22 items of Plant. This has proved in most cases to be a very effective and puts a common-sense attitude to the operator cards.

As you may or may not know we are an Association and not a Limited Company, therefore all work carried out, is on a volunteer basis, so that our members and their companies and other companies that use our service receive an economical service to be awarded competency certificates. Our Trainers of course are self-employed and do charge for their services, we do however advise on the cost that they charge so the costs are reasonable.

Apart from the yellow card we also supply a Gold Card which can be obtained by supplying us with a copy of your NVQ plant operators certificate, which you will need to have to work for National House Builders and government contract work. Of course, we do understand you would know this, as it was introduced by the Labour Government by John Prescott, so if you are having problems getting acceptance, this is the only excuse that can be used by contractors not excepting the card as proof of competency. Although one has to remember the Health & Safety Executive have clearly stated that a card scheme is not a legal requirement for employment but consider it proves you have received health & safety training in-line with CDM 2015.

I hope this answers a number of enquiries from companies to implement and forward improvements to our card scheme and to make us more acceptable to the industry and the HSE. After all, it was the CMPE that introduced the card scheme to the construction industry back in the early eighties, as it was felt that our members have the most concentrated knowledge of the industry, as the members were representative of a very large number of companies and contractors within the industry. Unlike other schemes we are still the only one that have the operators interest and finances kept to a minimum, we are not out to profit from the industry, only help it to meet its commitments.

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